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PUBG team promises improvements and optimization to players

The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds development team has published an open letter to players through its Steam Community page, seeking to bring more transparency to the process of upgrading and optimizing the game.

“While we’ve made some significant improvements to PUBG, we’ve fallen short of expectations in other ways,” the message says. “Players have rightly criticized us for failing to fix performance issues, and recently we have not made the best effort to communicate about the changes we are making to the game. Today we want to change that by describing in detail the things we are prioritizing. “

Currently, the team’s three priorities are performance, server optimization, and cheats.

“In the latest updates, we saw a large increase in complaints about performance issues, including unpredictable frame rate drops, visual instability, and slow quality ,” the message explains.

To correct these errors, developers will apply a number of changes to upcoming updates, ranging from rendering light effects – which apparently overload graphics cards – to rendering and moving characters out of the player’s immediate field of vision.

The team also wants to optimize the server network to reduce latency, and the loading time of objects on the map, which sometimes take time to load even after players land on the map.

As for the cheating, developers have pointed out that the system currently used can ban users from hackers in a matter of hours the case of hackers who were arrested for using illegal applications and tools.

“All this will continue, but there is more we can do ,” the message says. “We believe we are winning the battle against cheaters, but we will not stop until we eliminate them.”

The letter also brings news about the upcoming game map, Sanhok, which according to developers is scheduled to be released by the end of June, and should receive more weapons and exclusive vehicles during the month, including the Tukshai, three-wheel drive inspired by the iconic Tuk-tuk.

The PUBG team promises more letters from developers will be published over time.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available for PCXbox One and mobile platforms.

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