Home GAMES PUBG Mobile will soon receive new winter map and more

PUBG Mobile will soon receive new winter map and more

PUBG Mobile will soon receive new winter map and more

The battle between Fornite and PUBG Mobile to be the best game for Android has been great with unique and special features update popping up every week to make its game friendly and cool for users to stay.

 The PUBG Mobile continues to be a worthy competitor, especially for Android smartphones. The team of developers has worked hard to continue to bring improvements and various innovations steadily. This is the only way to keep current fans of the popular Battle Royale loyal and continue to win new followers.

Recently through the official account of PUBG Mobile on Twitter, the first teaser of a new winter map – Vikendi was published. According to the video, this map arrives completely covered with snow and will introduce snowmobiles as a new vehicle. However, apart from that you will arrive with version 0.10.0 of the game, no additional detail was revealed.

PUBG Mobile enters the holiday season with new winter map

But thanks to the team of XDA Developers , the news do not stop here. Apparently, they have gained privileged access to the list of updates of this new version. Revealing all the news that will reach PUBG Mobile later this month.

According to the notes published by XDA Developers , Vikendi is a snow map with the size of 6km by 6km. And it will introduce, as expected, snowfall as a new “weather mode”.

In addition to the new snowmobiles, a new weapon will also be introduced ( G36C Assault Rifle) and the blue area will progress slower. The new features of this new version are not limited to this new map.

Also the  layout of the controls on the screen will undergo changes, becoming available an option for players who have large hands. The interface of the several less of PUBG Mobile will also receive a new snow theme. Perfect to accompany the arrival of Christmas.

Based on the list of changes, the new version will be available for download from December 20th. Since you can play on the Vikendi map only from the 21st.


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