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PUBG Mobile or Fortnite? What are the differences and which is the best?

PUBG Mobile (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) and Fortnite are two games with a formidable quality and are increasingly gaining popularity in the mobile world. Before criticism begins to my personal preference, let me note that this is a small review of games on the smartphone.

Both PUBG and Fortnite on PC are totally different from smartphone games, especially in gameplay. I’ve been playing both on the iPhone for some time now, and I feel confident that my analysis will touch on important points.

If you have an Android smartphone it is simple to know which is the best seen that PUBG is the only one available to the Google platform.

Fortnite has already assured that the game will not take long to reach the users of the free system, however, there are no dates to present yet keeping our hand crossed to get the news about that. This comparison will also be valid for when the game reaches Android. I have my doubts that the gameplay will change a lot. At this point, you can only use Fortnite on an iOS device.

PUBG Mobile or Fortnite? Identical in ideology but very different in gameplay!

Before we analyze their differences, we have to realize that the games have their similarities. The goal of the game is not to die. You must always be in the battle circle and withstand the pressure of competitors.

All these opponents are real. All the characters you see in the game are a person in the other part of the world sharing the same game room as you.

This is the magic of both games. Finally, we have a mobile game with decent graphics, a good connection and online. Both in PUBG and in Fortnite you can play “solo” or “teams”, this makes the games even more exciting.

Fortnite has just received the fourth season. If you like a game with some kind of “Story Line”, this will be a good option.


Let’s start with the graphics. First, we must have the notion that we are talking about a smartphone. The graphics of both games are simply fantastic. PUBG Mobile takes a closer look at reality with real weapons, real-world scenarios, and realistic scenarios (other than typical Bugs). Fortnite brings us the enchanted world. The colors are vibrant and the typical cartoon actions.

This is not a negative review. There are those who prefer the ideology of Fortnite to PUBG Mobile. The enchanted world has already conquered us several times in games and the same is happening at Fortnite.

Personally, I prefer the “reality” of PUBG Mobile. Even when you click to make aim the magnification on the weapon is more realistic than the Fortnite.



The gameplay is the big problem of both games. A person who has never had contact with one or the other game will not do well in the first rounds. The game requires concentration and coordination. You have to play with both thumbs for different actions. Worse than that, 30 minutes of play and I have the pinky and ringed fingers asleep due to the position of the hand during the game.

But this is where PUBG Mobile has my favoritism against Fortnite. Since there are fewer tasks the gameplay is simpler.

In Fortnite you do not only have to kill enemies, you have the possibility to build platforms and destroy elements for these constructions.

Switching weapons to buildings on a smartphone is a complex task. It requires much more attention from you. Many times I was building a wall for defense and an opponent appeared. My reaction to picking up a gun quickly and defending myself was far from being the fastest.



That is why this category of “difficulty” is here. Fortnite has more options than PUBG Mobile, so the gameplay is much more complex and therefore more difficult.


One of the advantages, in my opinion, of Fortnite vis-a-vis PUBG is the map. The PUBG map is giant. There are certain times I’m in the final 10 without even meeting a person. There are those who consider an advantage, since I did not mind that it was a little smaller.


There is a lot to talk about both games and I promise I will. For now, here is my review of both titles for mobile. I think PUBG is superior because of its simplicity, but if you want a more serious challenge and a more complex game, take a look at Fortnite.

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