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PUBG Mobile now has a new map with snow


PUBG Mobile received one of the most anticipated updates yesterday at the end of the day. While the update does not dramatically change the game for Android or iOS, it bring relevant news.

That being said, the snow hit PUBG Mobile. The new snow map is ready to start in the next few days. The theme was introduced as soon as you open the game when you see the player in a frozen environment. The Vikendi map will arrive on the 20th along with snowmobiles as well.

But the game has more to offer. The voice of the commands was changed. Finally asking colleagues to get in the car stopped being so rude. The voice is calmer and more futuristic.

PUBG Mobile update bring relevant news

Then the staff of PUBG Mobile was fed up with those who spend their lives giving up the game as soon as they get on the map and will punish those players who do constantly by prohibiting the game for a few minutes.

PUBG Mobile update bring relevant news

PUBG Mobile update bring relevant news

Considerable improvements in gameplay have been added. Although the game seemed to me slower as soon as I opened the new version, I was able to verify that picking up the objects automatically is slightly faster.

In short, I’ll leave you with all the improvements of the game for Android and iOS in the changelog below. The map is undoubtedly the most relevant and I barely see the time to start playing in the snow.

Changelog of PUBG Mobile 0.10.0

Vikendi, a 6km x 6km snow map is coming up in the new update! Availability will be announced at a later date, stay tuned!

  • Added new weather: Snow 
  • Vikendi Exclusive Vehicle: Snowmobile 
  • Adding Snowball War to Vikendi’s Spawn Island.

– Adding the Snow theme in the main menu. Collect bells of all matches in Classic Mode and trade them for rewards at the event center!

  • Addition of Arabic language support.
  • Addition of inter-server pairing. After activating, players will have the chance to be paired with players of the same category on other servers.

– Players who repeatedly give up matches soon after the start will be banned from seeking matches for a certain period of time.

– Players will now be able to report suspicious behavior while they are in the audience after they die.

– Addition of the Times Challenge winners’ display at Spawn Island in Erangel.

– Adding new commands in Quick Chat.

– Addition of the Arms Finish Elevation System, where players can use materials in the Lab to raise certain weapon finishes in order to obtain additional effects for slaughtering, single ads for slaughtering and appearance of boxes after slaughter.

– Addition of the Lucky Treasure, a function that gives players the chance to obtain the M416 – Glacier weapon finish when completing daily quests.

– Addition of rewards of consumption of the Season. Consume different quantities to get great rewards and big discounts on weapon finishes.

– Adding a function in the backpack to show the sources of unreached items when touched.

As well as other improvements

– Players now do not need to select a second language for pairing and chatting.

– The Chat system now takes up less memory and stores more messages. 
– Store’s main page has been optimized to emphasize themes for each update.’


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