Home GAMES PUBG Mobile: New update brings ‘scent’ to Resident Evil 2!

PUBG Mobile: New update brings ‘scent’ to Resident Evil 2!

PUBG Mobile New update brings 'scent' to Resident Evil 2!

PUBG Mobile continues to be one of the most popular games for smartphones. Getting beat up even with the Fortnite. Therefore, Tencent continues to bet on the development of the game, so as to be able to cement its prominent position.

Now the new beta release of PUBG Mobile brings so early partnership with Resident Evil 2! This partnership has long been publicized, and now gamers will finally be able to ‘bust heads’ at hundreds of zombies.

The arrival of Resident Evil 2 to PUBG Mobile brings a new game mode. Where the players are placed face to face, with huge hordes of zombies and several bosses of the popular Capcom title.

The new version of PUBG Mobile will bring you many new features that you will love!

This ‘infiltration’ of Resident Evil 2 will give rise to the first merger of the popular Battle Royale with Zombies. These are two of the biggest phenomena in the gaming world over the last few years.

The new model brings a ‘sunset’ environment to the Erangel map. Where players will have to survive several waves of zombies. What culminates with the arrival of several bosses of the recently released Resident Evil 2.



As in many other games that implement this mode of play, as they kill zombies, players are being presented with various items that will help them in the next few vacancies.

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In addition, this new update also brings the nighttime environment to the Vikendi map. Finally, the last major change is that the farther from the damage zone a player is, the more damage he receives with each passing second.


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