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PUBG Mobile New ‘Sanhok’ map is fantastically complex

PUBG Mobile Welcome to Sanhok
PUBG Mobile Sanhok MAP

The Mobile PUBG is a simply fantastic game for Android and iOS, there’s no denying it. Now with Sanhok things have got even better. The game offers fantastic gameplay, incredible thrills and a Battle Royal that can only be seen at Fortnite.

Not even with the arrival of Fortnite for Android did PUBG Mobile lower its popularity. To celebrate more than 20 million users (outside China, Japan and Korea), PUBG Mobile has released the new update for Android and iOS that brings us new weapons, new cars and a new map.

The Sanhok is a simply fantastic map, however, it challenges the best players to totally change strategy.

Soon after downloading the new update, you’ll have to go to the game maps and download the map as well. A clever way for PUBG Mobile not to overload your smartphone by giving just the maps you want to play. The new update also brings a more identical ideology to the PC. The map, which can be seen in the right corner, is more like the PC and shows us more details of the terrain.

Sanhok is a map that will fascinate you in PUBG Mobile

The Sanhok is a much smaller map than the Erangel and the Miramar. You can easily jump from the plane to any corner of the island. This makes the players more dispersed. However, remember that the island is smaller, that is, the probability of finding enemies is much higher.

The blue circle closes more slowly, however, it has less time outside the playable area. That is, you should be inside the main circle.

The biggest challenge of this game is its vegetation. Set amid tall grass and confusing homes, the new PUBG Mobile map means that the player or team has to completely change strategy to win the game.

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To give you an example, my team usually kills an average of 20 people to win the game on Erangel or Miramar. In the new Sanhok we are killing in total an average of 7 people. That is, if you want to win, the best thing to do is hide well because there is a genocide when the circle closes.

In short, this new map is not simple to get used to, however, if you have patience you will see that “chicken dinner” will happen more regularly.


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