Home GAMES PUBG Mobile gets update and everything changes!

PUBG Mobile gets update and everything changes!

PUBG Mobile gets update and everything changes!

The PUBG Mobile has just received a major update that introduces a new way in the first person, an arcade mode that changes the dynamics of the game, and the Royale Pass feature that gives rewards to the most skilled players. Add to this a lot of custom finishes for guns and even finishes for the plane, to be chosen by those who have the highest level of Royale Pass.

PUBG Mobile


What’s new in PUBG Mobile 0.6.0 version.

First person mode will be the great feature for most people as it completely changes the gameplay of this title. You can turn it on in the options menu, but be careful because it does not work on vehicles.

So you will only see things through the eyes of the character when your feet are flat on the floor.

Arcade Mode places 100 players in a much smaller arena than usual and provides three times more weapons. Eventually, the games should last about twenty minutes, but shorter wars may arise.

The Royale Pass feature classifies the players, giving them missions to complete, and a corresponding points system. Those who perform enough missions each week will be entitled to additional giveaways.

However, this title now has new emoticons, making it easier to communicate with the players around you. However, you can now apply finishes to your weapons. However, at the beginning of each match, the one with the highest score and most points, according to the Royale Pass system, can choose the appearance of the airplane in which everyone travels. This system has the potential to add special quests, limited rewards and other basic game items that can be seen in popular RPGs.


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