Home GAMES PUBG is testing Free version to face Fortnite

PUBG is testing Free version to face Fortnite

PUBG is testing Free version to face Fortnite

The popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was the pioneer in this new phenomenon that we call Battle Royale. However, he was quickly overtaken by the unbeatable Fortnite.

Now the company is testing the release of a new version of the game, PUBG Lite. This version has two particularities. In the first place, it was conceived to think of players who have computers with more modest specifications. Second, it will be free.

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One of PUBG’s great ‘weaknesses’ in relation to Fortnite is that the latter is available on virtually all gaming platforms, for free. Just that ‘small’ detail, seems to have been decisive in the growth level of both games.

PUBG Lite may arrive to try to face Fortnite

The new PUBG Lite will be a game completely independent of the original version, and the company has revealed that it will even have its own team of developers. This team will work on the constant development of the game, including the addition of new features. Most likely, we’ll see the news being transferred past some time, from the original PUBG.

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This first beta of PUBG Lite is only available in Thailand to ‘test the waters’ and study the reaction of players to this new model. During these tests, PUBG Lite will just make available the original Erangel map, and Solo / Duo and Team modes.

PUBG Lite may arrive to try to face Fortnite


Finally, I would like to remind you that PUBG continues to present itself as one of the most popular Battle Royale games, having managed to reach revenues of around 1 billion euros in 2018. However, it can not compete with the (free) Fortnite, which estimated revenues of over 2 billion euros over the same period.


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