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PUBG continues to set records

Multiplayer action PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds conquered new peaks. Just the other day, the gunman set another record for the number of concurrent users in the game, surpassing the previous record holder Dota 2. At the same time, a record was reached for another important indicator – the number of banned cheaters.

On December 29, three million people played PUBG at the same time. For comparison, the highest figure for Dota 2 (the second most popular game in the Steam service) is 1.29 million players. Recall that PUBG has overcome the mark of one million simultaneous players in September this year, and two million – just a month later. At the time of writing, the maximum simultaneous online was 3 105 063 people.



With cheaters, the situation is less bright. The developers of the game Bluehole Studio together with the service BattlEye with a delay, but still released anti-cheat, thanks to which already managed to ban 1.5 million dishonest players. The indicator is, to put it mildly, considerable, especially considering that Bluehole Studio promised to deal with dishonest users and develop a new toolkit for their catching in November. It is possible that tough measures to combat cheats will attract more players, and in the new year, we are waiting for another record from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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