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PS5: Sony promises to optimize the console's cooling system through games

It doesn’t take much longer for PlayStation 5 to hit worldwide stores. Meanwhile, Sony is sharing some important details of its console and the latest one will leave many people astonished.

In a recent interview, Sony’s vice president of mechanical design revealed that the cooling system of PS5 can be optimized through software updates. That is, the console’s cooling will tend to improve over time.

Sony will collect game data to improve the PS5’s cooling

According to Yasuhiro Ootori, the Japanese company will collect data from the games that will be released for PS5 in the future. The idea will be to use this information to optimize the console fans.

PlayStation 5

This predicts that the cooling system will behave differently in different games. When a game requires more from PlayStation 5, the fans will increase their speed for better heat dissipation and vice versa.

Yasuhiro Ootori goes further and reveals that PlayStation 5 has three sensors temperature inside. These are designed to control the speed of the console’s fans depending on the recorded temperature. A behavior that will be improved through software updates.

PlayStation 5 is great, but there are good reasons for that

It is impossible to remain indifferent to physical dimension of the PlayStation 5. This is the biggest console ever developed by Sony, but this choice brings advantages to the players.

The main reason is the incorporation of fans mm inside. These will draw air from both sides of the console, so that it is always at an ideal temperature.

Therefore, it is expected that the PS5 will be much quieter than its predecessor, only run more demanding games. And that will be something that everyone who owns or has had a PS4 will love.

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