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PS5: Sony promises normal console stock in the coming months

PlayStation 5 launched on the market in November 2020, however, it remains a difficult to buy. As with its rival Xbox Series X / S, it is rare to find a store with stock available from the Sony console.

This inconvenience should be resolved in the coming months. In recent interviews, Jim Ryan CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment promises some normality in PS5 stock for the second half of the year.

From half of 2021 it will be easier to buy a PlayStation 5

The pace of improvement in supply chain will increase over the year, so when we get to the second half of , you’ll see really decent numbers. “Statements left by Jim Ryan to the Financial Times.

PlayStation 5

The responsable maximum for PlayStation thus leaves the indication that the second half of the year will be more favorable to the purchase of a PS5, something that has also been admitted by Microsoft in relation to the new Xbox.

if, therefore, that by the time of summer PlayStation 5 is a more constant product on the shelves of the various specialty stores. Even so, the long-awaited replenishment of stock should not happen overnight.

The expectation is that by Christmas this year there will be PlayStation 5 units available to anyone who wants to obtain it. What was expected to have happened at the end of 2020, but that for various reasons did not happen.

Problems in production and high demand compromise PS5 availability

Jim Ryan took advantage there nd these interviews to elucidate us for the causes of the scarcity of PlayStation 5. One of them was the high demand that, according to the executive, greatly exceeded the expectations of the Japanese.

several problems in the console component supply chain, as well as the COVID pandemic – 19. Not to forget the recent scourge of scalpers that hoard PS5 units as soon as they become available.

We can say that the perfect storm has formed to make PlayStation 5 a rare item. We just can’t go to a specialty store and buy the new Sony console. It takes some luck to find a unit that is.

Despite the setbacks, Sony’s new console is already a success. Ryan points out that 1 in 4 PlayStation 4 holders have upgraded to the new generation and that half of PlayStation 5 holders are new subscribers to the PSN service.

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