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PS5: pre-bookings may have an unpleasant surprise

After several months of waiting, PlayStation 5 has finally reached its pre-sale stage. There were many who joined this early stage for the purchase of the console, with both versions sold out in the main national stores.

If you were one of those who already reserved your copy of PlayStation 5, today we have bad news for you. According to some reports from abroad, buyers are being notified that they will not receive their new console before 2021.

In Portugal, we are not yet aware of similar reports, so it is premature to conclude that the same will happen here. However, this is a possibility that should not be ruled out.

PlayStation 5

Sony may not have enough copies to meet demand for PS5

In Ireland, the GameStop store is to notify your customers that you may not be able to satisfy the demand for PS5 before 2021. Something that is due to causes beyond the control of the store, which indicates that the problem may be on Sony’s side.

This news, unfortunately, is not a surprise. Several other stores have also notified their customers about the possibility that they will not be able to meet demand for PlayStation 5. As a result, it seems increasingly likely that many people will have to wait longer than expected to be able to enjoy their new console.

PlayStation 5 hits stores nationwide on November 19

Sony announced that its new consoles will arrive in Europe on November 19 November . It would be on this day that those who have already reserved their copy of the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition should receive their unit.

As for prices, PlayStation 5 will cost 499 €, while the respective digital edition will cost 399 €. If you were one of those who failed to book your unit, it might be better to wait for it to arrive in stores and try to grab a unit with your bare hands.

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