PS5 microphone records the player's voice when winning a trophy



Function can be disabled at any time in the system settings of the console

Microfone do PS5 grava a voz do jogador ao ganhar um troféu

The PS5 has a mechanics already known that records videos when a player wins a trophy. However, a user on the Reddit forum reported that the console can also save fans’ voices at those times. He released a video in which you can hear the cheers of celebration in the background after defeating a boss at Demon’s Souls – something totally valid, isn’t it?

First time Souls player. I didn’t realize that the PS5 records your microphone’s audio whenever you get a trophy. Whoops. from PS5

Souls player for the first time. I didn’t know that PlayStation 5 recorded audio from your microphone every time you win a trophy. Oops.

Another user congratulated the achievement and warned that the function can be turned off in the system settings of the console, to that no one has privacy issues in the future.

Congratulations! There are options in the system settings to automatically mute the microphone when you log in. That way, it will always be muted by default and any function that the microphone will not work. It can prevent future accidents, although this one was on the positive side.

PS5 had the biggest console release in Sony’s history

Sony posted on Twitter this Wednesday (25) thanks to your fans. That’s because the launch of the PlayStation 5 became the biggest console debut in its history.

In the publication, the gaming giant assured that it will send more units of the next-gen video game to the market until the end of the year, as a way to try to meet its high demand (not all gamers managed to acquire a copy).

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