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Project Linda – It’s already possible to make Razer Phone a personal laptop

Project Linda - It's already possible to make Razer Phone a personal laptop

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is taking place in Las Vegas and as such, Razer has also unveiled its Project Linda, which is as enthralling as its name could indicate at the start.

This is because, to its extent, as other brands have done in the past, the gaming company unveiled a way to make the Razer Phone a genuine laptop for personal use.

As? Using a technology similar to Samsung’s or Microsoft’s Dock? Not really. Instead, with the Razer Phone and a laptop as light as possible, it will be easy to make the smartphone showcase at the end of last year on a PC with the placement of the first one instead of the second touchpad.

Razer Phone +  Project Linda are the dream come true!

It seems difficult to understand, but it is much easier to perform in reality. The laptop in question is no longer a single piece of aluminum only 15 mm thick and weighing just over 1 kg.

In addition, this account has a 13.3-inch screen with Quad-HD resolution at 120Hz. With an implemented battery, the laptop will be able to load the Razer Phone rapidly as well as add to it, pass the expression about memory 200GB, USB-C, and other USB-A input and so much longed jack 3, 5mm for audio.

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The video at the end of the article illustrates what can be done with a smartphone. Well, on a larger screen, with more capacity and other features that can only be found on a computer.

Undoubtedly it was a great entry for Razer at CES in Las Vegas, so you can expect a pretty good year from one of today’s top gaming brands.


  1. Wow! Technology has been improving regarded to the gaming gadgets… Look at this wow and cool laptop. Its damn fantastic! Thanks for sharing this wow information.


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