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Problems with the monitor connected to the Mac Mini M1? Apple is investigating!

Apple recently sent an internal memo to its service providers indicating that it is investigating a problem that could result in “pink artifacts” on screens connected to the Mac Mini equipped with an M1 processor. The issue has been reported by several users on the brand’s support forums.

Apparently, several users of this Mac Mini computer have been demanding some kind of intervention from Apple since the launch of Macs with M1 chip, but only now Cupertino will be recognizing the issue.

External monitors display “pink squares”

When looking at user comments it seems clear that the problem affects more monitors connected by HDMI, so if yours is connected by Thunderbolt you should not see the artifacts.

Apple has not put forward a date to resolve the issue but it may be that the solution arrives with the official release of the version 11. 3 of MacOS Big Sur.

One thing is certain, it was expected that the update 11. 2.1 could bring some solution but it did not. Version 11. 3 has been in beta since February 2nd, so it shouldn’t be long before it reaches all users.

In the meantime, Apple suggests a provisional solution to the issue, which you can find below.

Provisional solution to the “pink squares” problem

  1. Puts the Mac Mini in Sleep Mode
  2. Wait 2 minutes and wake up the Mac Mini
  3. Turn off the Mac Mini screen and turn it back on
  4. Adjust the screen resolution in System Preferences> Screens

If the problem persists after restarting the Mac Mini Apple suggests that you repeat the steps described above.

In recent months there have been several problems related to screens and Mac M1s, ranging from difficulties with USB-C connections to the unavailability of some resolutions when using ultra-wide or super ultra-wide displays.

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