The most popular premium smartphone in China - not iPhone X

Despite its high price, iPhone X is in high demand across the globe. However, according to recent reports, China is more popular in another smartphone luxury. This is a special version of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, created in conjunction with the Porsche.

Even at the manufacturer’s recommended price, 10 Mate Pro Porsche Design is worth more than the iPhone X to the maximum modification – 9,000 yuan, or $ 1,370 at current exchange rate. However, find it at this price is almost impossible.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro, created in conjunction with the Porsche

This version Mate Pro 10 is limited, on that instantly react dealers. Rare smartphone immediately soared in price. Buy it from an online retailer is now possible for 18,500-27,000 yuan or $ 2,800- $ 4,100, respectively. In comparison, iPhone X with 64 GB of memory Chinese today are free to buy on Taobao or for the same 9,000. The margin is, of course, is present, but is much more democratic than Huawei limitku.

Authorized retailer Mate 10 Pro Porsche Design said that they received a lot of orders, and were forced to dismiss some of them as smartphones available over. 38-year-old told the publication China Daily, he tried to buy a novelty at the time of release on the official website, but all available copies dismantled in a few seconds. Note that Huawei and Porsche did not report how many copies Mate Pro Porsche Design 10 they are going to release. That is why the smartphone is in great demand even at high prices such.



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