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Poll on privacy puts Facebook as less trustworthy company

Poll on privacy puts Facebook as less trustworthy company

A survey conducted by Toluna data research firm pointed out that the public does not really trust Facebook anymore. In an attempt to evaluate public perception of data protection, 40% of respondents say Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, perhaps not surprisingly, does not do a good job protecting personal information of its users.

The situation corroborates all the difficulties that Facebook has been facing in 2018, with reports of tools that track various information from its users, such as using location systems even with the feature disabled on the smartphone, leaking information from more than 80 million profiles on the network, the charge of selling or supplying data to smartphone makers and the access given by the partners the company to sensitive information , to name a few examples , and without even mentioning all the scandal involving Cambridge Analytica, which occurred in 2017, but has branches in many countries to this day.

A distant second place is occupied by another social network: Twitter . Although “only” 8% of Internet users have shown concerns about privacy in the microblogging network, Twitter has not been free from accusations about how it manages its users’ information. In April this year, the company reportedly sold data from its base to Global Software Resources , a company founded by Aleksandr Kogan, creator of various tools for data collection and analysis of voter profiles online.

On the bright side though, are Apple , Tesla , Microsoft and Netflix . Cupertino Apple uses its methods of protecting users as a marketing piece, using end-to-end encryption for all its operating systems. In the case of Tesla, the survey concluded that the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, contributed to the creation of a perception that the luxury electric car company does not err in customer information management – even comparing it with deceased Steve Jobs.

Microsoft and Netflix were companies that, despite their large size and their frantic growth in 2018, were able to stay out of the limelight when it came to privacy violations, effectively taking the lead in ranking trusted companies in the eyes of users.


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