Home GAMES Police arrest paedophile who used Fortnite to pick their victims

Police arrest paedophile who used Fortnite to pick their victims

Police arrest pedophile who used Fortnite to pick their victims

After being accused this week of being used for organized crime to launder money, Fortnite once again returns to the top of the Epic Games cheat list and stampedes the police headlines.

On Tuesday, the Florida Attorney General announced that he had arrested 41-year-old Anthony Gene Thomas, accused of possessing child pornography and having had sex with a minor girl he met through the game.

According to police, the 17-year-old victim had contact with a 23-year-old woman while playing Fortnite, and through her was introduced to Thomas. In August, the two agreed to pick up the girl in her town in Boward County and take her to spend time with them in Brevard County, more than 270 km from the town where the girl lives.

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In Thomas’ cell phone were found photos and pornographic videos of the man with the victim of 17 years, as well as photos and videos with several other underage girls. According to police, at least 20 other children and adolescents were victims of the paedophile.

So far, Epic Games has not ruled on the case.


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