Pokémon GO There are many new features on the way!

Niantic has just announced a new update for Pokemon GO. Right from the start you have the option to track the activity of the players without opening the application. The update comes in the form of a software kit called Adventure Sync. This is Niantic’s Real World Platform game system.

Adventure Sync is being implemented on Pokemon GO. The goal is to give players the option to record their footsteps just with the smartphone in their pocket.

The new gaming system syncs in the background with iOS HealthKit and Android Google Fit. In practice, they will allow players to access a weekly summary that shows walking distance and other statistics, including calories, burned or steps counted.

Niantic is considering allowing Pokemon GO players to replace many of the features offered by a smartwatch or a fitness band for their application while giving in-game rewards.

Coaches who activate the new Adventure Sync option will receive “some great rewards,” including Candys or eggs that will be shocked more efficiently.

In addition, coaches will be given the chance to participate in the weekly walking stages and will be rewarded for the hard work.

The Adventure Sync system will be released for Pokemon GO players soon.


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