Home GAMES PlayStation, Xbox and other market generated $ 36 billion

PlayStation, Xbox and other market generated $ 36 billion

PlayStation, Xbox and other market generated $ 36 billion

The gaming is, for many, part of your day-to-day. However, what will be the amounts generated by Xbox, PlayStation, PC, etc., as well as the games and accessories that are purchased to satisfy such desire.

On the basis of ESA statistics, the amount spent by the US population in 2017 reached 36 billion dollars. In fact, an exorbitant value.

But there is more to keep in mind. By 2017, the amount spent on content – such as games and passes – was barely double the figure observed in 2010. Thus, at least in that country, the amount spent on content was $ 29.1 billion.

To complete the 36 mentioned above, it is necessary to add the 4.7 billion dollars in hardware and finally 2.2 in accessories – which includes virtual reality technology. Impressive? Yes No doubt.

PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, etc … the gaming in crescendo!

Finally, it should be noted that these figures refer to 2017. In other words, 2018 should

Whether it’s Sony’s PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox or any console, what’s certain is that interest will increase every year.



That was what we could conclude through E3 2018, where many titles were presented. All of them were attended with great enthusiasm by the public. More and more, it can be said that this will be a market for the future.


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