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PlayStation still generates profits, while Sony smartphones continue to fall

PlayStation still generates profits, while Sony smartphones continue to fall

At the time of financial reports, Sony also released her, showing the revenue that their products generated in the last fiscal quarter of 2018. And although the PlayStation 4 shows signs of falling sales, the console reached 8.1 million units sold during the period, compared with 9 million the previous year.

For a video game that is near the end of its life cycle, the numbers presented are not bad at all. In addition, Sony announced in early January that the PlayStation 4 was nearly reaching the 100 million mark, selling 91.6 million by December 31, 2018. Given that and all other product divisions, the company profited $ 3.5 billion (or 377 billion yen).

Sales totaled $ 22 billion (2.4 trillion yen), whichever way, the PlayStation division earned $ 670 million (or 73 billion yen), reflecting about $ 7.3 billion in total revenue (790 billion yen). It is worth pointing out that during the holiday season, Sony had a 25% increase in sales of its games due to prices and special offers, compared to the same period in 2017.

The subscription service PlayStation Plus, in turn, reached 36.3 million subscribers until the turn of the year and, as for the PlayStation Classic, there are still no numerical details about you. However, the arm of Sony that more invoiced in the period was not the one of games, but the one of the photographic market. The music division earned a bit more than double the profits compared to the company’s video game.

Other divisions

This is somewhat surprising considering that the revenue of the music division was the most stable year on year. In response to this, Sony blamed the acquisition of EMI in November, but nothing has been duly clarified yet.

Already in the smartphone business, the company reported a loss of $ 142 million (15.5 billion yen) in the last three months of 2018. Compared to the previous two quarters, sales were slightly better, but the Xperia XZ3 he could not turn around.

Compared to Sony Pictures, Venom took the biggest number of box offices, earning $ 855 million worldwide, while Spider-Man on the Spider-Verso reached $ 225 million at the box office in 18 days (counting from its debut until 31 from December).

Already the cameras had their best quarter, shot. The camera product line and the home entertainment and sound division posted a slightly higher profit year on year. The most disappointing arm for Sony was only financial services, with profits that did not meet expectations, especially because of underperforming investments by Sony Life insurance subsidiary.

Finally, the semiconductor division (the factory of camera sensor for smartphones used by many manufacturers) made a healthy profit this quarter, but in its year-to-year relation, it continues to present significant drops. According to Sony, there was a noticeable drop in demand in the last quarter of 2018.

Still, the expectation is that this is only a phase, especially considering the strong trend of smartphone manufacturers to embed at least two cameras in their products lately. Faced with this, the demand for Sony lenses for device sensors can once again grow.


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