Home GAMES PlayStation Plus celebrates 8 years of existence!

PlayStation Plus celebrates 8 years of existence!

PlayStation Plus celebrates 8 years of existence!

The PlayStation Plus celebrated its 8 years of existence and Sony to celebrate this fact is offering a 25% discount on the 3-month subscription!

The 8-year celebration date of PlayStation Plus, also coincides with the start of the Destiny 2 free weekend period.

However, the free weekend of Destiny 2 will be extended until Monday (July 2) until 6pm!

Destiny 2, the famous sequel to Bungie released in September last year exclusively for PlayStation 4, is now available for free for a limited time.

So this Free Weekend gives you the chance to experience the entire game’s campaign mode, from the enemy’s invasion, to the final battle against Ghaul, the fearsome leader of the Red Legion.


They will be able to create your character and collect the most diverse types of weaponry, in order to become the most powerful of the soldiers.

The advantages of Playstation Plus

  • Online multiplayer of PlayStation 4 – allows to play online any game that has the multiplayer mode
  • Games of the Month – Two exclusive games from the PlayStation 4 catalog every month, downloadable throughout the subscription period
  • Exclusive offers and discounts – Numerous special offers on games and digital add-ons available on PlayStation Store, which are updated and renewed periodically
  • Online storage – 10 GB of online storage to save any title to the PlayStation 4 without taking up space on the internal memory of the console
  • PS Plus Rewards Program – Exclusive benefits, discounts and promotions on various branded products associated with the program, renewed every month
  • Subscriber-only area – accessible from PlayStation 4 or from the PC, with all the new features of the month, making the most of your subscription.


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