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PlayStation 5 | Sony shows in video all the power of the new console

PlayStation 5 Sony shows in video all the power of the new console
PlayStation 5 Sony shows in video all the power of the new console

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One of the most noticeable information about the next model of the PlayStation line is that the console should come with storage on SSD, the absence of the current HD. This allows data transmission to be much, but much faster than currently, which Sony demonstrated at a meeting for investors early Tuesday (21).

According to the meeting document, the Sony introduced new console capabilities, still called the PlayStation 5, using the city map of Marvel’s Spider-Man. The idea was to compare loading speed not only on previous screens of the game but to show the city being built in real time.

Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki recorded a video of the presentation. In the device called only “next generation” by Sony, the game is loaded in less than a second, and in the PS4 Pro the screen takes 8 seconds to appear.

The video also shows the maps being loaded. In the PS4 Pro version, as speed increases, there are minor crashes so buildings are revealed to the player. This load is completely imperceptible in the next generation version.

Future of PS4

The meeting also dealt with the company’s current console. Although it has not presented anything really new this year yet, the absence of Days Gone , executives told investors that the handset should still be the flagship of the industry. According to the document, the proposal is that the PS4 still maintains “the apparatus of engagement and profit for the next three years”.

This raises two possibilities. The first of which Sony understands that, as happened on PS4, it will still take time for the installed base to switch from console to next generation. With this, the current device would still be the strongest company.

Another possibility would be for Sony to bet on a new generation with a high cost price, but not passing it on to the user. With this, it could have a more competitive console in the market, with storage in SSD, which is a piece currently quite expensive.

In addition, Sony promises “exclusive PS4 still to be released”.

A cloud

The company also talked about the prospect of partnering with Microsoft. Both have struck a deal in which Sony should use the Azure cloud services architecture to enter the streaming gaming market.

The proposal is to expand the PlayStation Now service, allowing games to run in 1080p. The company also showed a business model evolution schedule which includes streaming on future opportunities. Although you already have PlayStation Now in this generation, Sony does not consider it an option for users. This may indicate that streaming services can be integrated into the new device.

PS5 Sony
Next generation should include game streaming in the package of options (Photo: Divugation / SIE)

Sony has not yet revealed its plans and has already said that this should not happen in the next 12 months. So it is quite possible that we have more concrete data on the next generation of PlayStation only at E3 next year.


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