PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds

Microsoft has shared success stories about selling one of the most popular games this year for the Xbox One consoles. It is, of course, about all the famous PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, which is just two days has acquired about a million owners of game consoles Redmond Corporation. Such success may seem natural for this project, but gamers were waiting for very unpleasant surprises.

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds came out on the PC in March of this year, and until the consoles from Microsoft got only this month. Not only that the owners of the most powerful Xbox One X did not receive the coveted 60 FPS, so the port itself was, frankly,  “raw”. Owners of all versions of Xbox One are faced with numerous bugs, falling FPS, unloadable textures and other problems.

To be fair, it’s worth noting that PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds for Xbox One is distributed by the local analogue of Early Access, so the developers promise to improve the situation with the game using patches.


  1. The graphics looks wow! I advice they should quickly send the patches for us game lovers 😘! Thanks for sharing this update again.


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