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How To Play Nokia’s Default Snake Game On Any Android

How To Play Nokia’s Default Snake Game on any Android Phone using Facebook Messenger. These simple steps will help you play the exact Game seen in the Nokia Old Mobile phones. Just follow the steps.

How To Play Nokia's Default Snake Game On Any Android

Today we are just sharing a simple way to play the Nokia Snake Game on Facebook Messenger Easily. It is not a trick or hack, it’s simply the Nokia officially brought the Snake Game to Facebook. If Instant Games feature is available in your FB Messenger, then you can play the Snake Game without any worry.

You don’t need to buy the Latest Upcoming Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone to play the old Snake Game. Nokia’s Snake Game is now currently the part of Facebook Messenger Games. Along with Snake Game, you can also play Pac-man, Space Invaders, etc. You can also challenge your friends to beat your high score, to have some real fun.

Take Note: Facebook Messenger Instant Game feature has been rolled out to only some selected Countries. So all of them will not be lucky to play the Game. Check if your country has listed in it.

Play Nokia Snake Game In Any Android / iPhone Smartphone

1. Open your Facebook messenger app, make sure you have the latest version of Facebook Messenger. Or else just update it.

2. Then, open any Conversation Chat with anyone.

3. Look for the Video Game Icon, (shown like in the picture below) and click on that.

4. Find the Snake Game on that list and simply play it.
Make a big high score and challenge your Facebook or best friends to beat your high score.

 I hope you all enjoyed the post, so share it let your friends know about this messenger game. 

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