PESU – The World’s Fastest Electric Mountain Bikes


PESU – a tech company, which is based in Austin, Texas – have just started a Kickstarter campaign to release into the market the world’s fastest electric mountain bikes lineup, which mainly consists of two e-bikes: the PESU VOLADOR and the PESU MONSTER. If you have always liked mountain bikes and wanted to enhance your riding experience, then keep reading this post to learn more about them!

As stated above, the PESU VOLADOR and the PESU MONSTER are two high-performance electric bikes. PESU e-bike is said to feature the fastest motor response times you can find on the market, special thanks to the self-developed and patented torque sensor. With their tech, one can get a response as fast as 10ms, while similar units from Bosch or Yamaha take up to 50ms.

These PESU bikes come with a very high drive unit, which has been created using an advanced automation Device, a fully automatic winding, radial magnetization technology, magnetic paste, and through high-temperature curing. This greatly improves the consistency of the motor body to ensure that the motor is getting an efficient output.

PESU – The World’s Fastest Electric Mountain Bikes

With its built-in 350W motor, PESU e-bikes can assist at speeds of up to 45km/h (28 miles/h) as the power drive unit is developed collectively with the rest of the bike. Although very compact, the motor is also really powerful, and it can get you through 40-degree hills, where the competition will struggle at around 30°. In addition to that, you also get a long range of up to 100 miles on a single charge.

The VOLADOR and MONSTER are also equipped with LCD  display and an onboard computer, on it you will be able to check out battery level, output mode and speed (current, average, and max), distance (total, and current interval).

Another neat detail that makes PESU bikes better than others is the fact that the chainstay is the shortest ever put on an electric bike this makes these e-bikes unique. The shorter chainstay increases maneuverability, which makes handling PESU bike certainly more fun.

PESU – The World’s Fastest Electric Mountain Bikes

Getting more in depth into each of the bikes we learned that they are very similar, exception made for some hardware such as motor power, you can get a more powerful “PT” named 350W motor on the VOLADOR while getting an efficient ET 350W push on the MONSTER (in the top version). The other big difference in the bike is the fork travel, which is 150mm on the VOLADOR and 100mm on the MONSTER. Lastly, the MONSTER as a disc brake of 180mm/180mm while the VOLADOR gets a bigger 203mm/180mm disc brake.

PESU – The World’s Fastest Electric Mountain Bikes

As you may have understood by looking at the specs, the VOLADOR is the more premium of the two aimed at advanced offroad, meanwhile, the MONSTER is more suitable for paved roads and light offroad.

The PESU KickStarter campaign has reached $108,000 with an initial goal of $100,000; this shows that it is doing very well. If you’re interested in any these performance e-bikes, head to the website and back the project!

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