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Patent reveals Google Pixel 4 with full screen

No notch, no shores and no holes. Will this be the Google Pixel 4? It’s too early to be sure of anything yet, but the latest patent shows us a Google smartphone with a full glass display.

While it is no secret that Samsung is working on sensors to stay on the screen, we still need to see a smartphone with this ideology in the market. This is if we do not count the sliders like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.

incidentally, the company that manufactures FaceID for Apple has revealed that they too have been able to invent the technology that makes the sensors embedded on the screen without any need for clippings.

The patent shows us a possible Google Pixel 4

Although patents are not something concrete, we have the information that Google believes has discovered the holy grail of the mobile world. Google Pixel 4 may indeed be identical to what we have here right now.



The back is identical to the Pixel 2XL and on the front we see only a clean screen. Since the biometric sensor can be seen on the back, it leads to feathers whether or not this screen will have the possibility of having the sensor embedded in it.

A patent is just that!

However, it is not worth getting excited about small drawings of a smartphone registered in the official entities. How many years ago did we see patents on Apple’s Augmented Reality Goggles? Do we have any of these on the market?

He looks at reality as it is. As the rumors and leaks of information about Google Pixel 4 are coming up, you’ll be the first to know here at Androidvillaz. After all, the smartphone should only be revealed in October. Before that we can have a Pixel 3 Lite.

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