Home NEWS Patent Breach, Nokia is richer by $2 billion From Apple

Patent Breach, Nokia is richer by $2 billion From Apple

Patent Breach Nokia is richer by $2 billion From Apple

As a result of a patent breach, mobile device manufacturer Nokia is richer by US $ 2 billion after Apple paid this amount to settle this legal dispute. However, the two companies agreed to work together on a cellular telephone.

We finally know the amount paid by Apple to Nokia last May, under the license agreement between the two firms. When announcing its financial results for the second half of 2017, Nokia has confessed to having received nearly $ 2 billion from the Californian giant.

In declaring earlier this week its financial results, the accounts of the manufacturer Nokia exposed the famous 1.7 G of euros that Apple paid in cash. The Swedish manufacturer intends to disclose later in detail what it plans to do with the amount obtained in a settlement with Apple.

Patent Breach, Nokia is richer by $2 billion From Apple

Rather than sinking into a legal dispute, the two techno companies have agreed to cooperate in telephony and data transmission. In environments well versed in the implications of each one, one speaks about IP routing, optical networks, and health applications. This Patent breach dates back to last December when Nokia accused Apple of infringing with its iPhone smart phones about thirty patent breach, as of the iPhone 3GS versions.

The sum of $ 2 billion may seem high, but very little is known about the cash mountain of the world’s first and largest market capitalization. In the most recent quarter, Apple has in its coffers nearly $ 256.8 billion in cash, according to CNN. Even the American treasury does not have that much.

At the conclusion of this agreement, valid for several years, no financial details had been disclosed. We know now the amount of money spent by Apple to appease Nokia. The Finnish company first mentioned “a payment of about 1.7 billion,” before admitting that it is an amount paid by Apple.

In total, Nokia recorded a deficit of about 433 million euros, 40% less than last year in the second quarter. At that time, the deficit was $ 667 million. The firm is still far from returning to growth, but the very promising Nokia 8 could give it a real boost.

University of Wisconsin

In another patent breach, a judge has just sentenced Apple to pay $ 506 million to the Madison Research Foundation of the University of Wisconsin – a sum double the decision of a jury two years ago. The computer chips used in some Apple mobile devices that violated the patents obtained in 1998 by the University, one of its computer science professors and three of its students. Apple is not the only target company, Intel Corp. Had also been prosecuted and a settlement was agreed in 2009.

In 12 months, the Apple title (AAPL) gained $ 45.60, an increase of 43%.


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