Wednesday , August 5 2020

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to revolutionize the way you listen to music


When we want to listen to music in private, we use headphones. Whichever format you prefer, this is the object we use for this function. But Tesla’s CEO has other plans for us to listen to music even more simply. Elon Musk said that soon, it will be possible to …

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Tesla Autopilot: Elon Musk says he's already going to work on autopilot!


Despite the great popularity of Tesla’s Autopilot technology, it continues to present a very high level of controversy, thanks to the alleged “false advertising” of its name. However, Elon Musk continues to bet strongly on its development, again stating that he hopes to be able to launch FSD mode ( …

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Facebook Messenger on the iPhone is safer with this new feature. Android will have to wait


The announcement was made by Facebook, in order to improve the privacy and security of Messenger for iOS users. If you have this app on your iPhone or iPad, you can already use the “App lock” feature. In practice, after activating it, Facebook will ask for Face ID or Touch …

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Pokémon card breaks record at auction! You won't believe the price


More and more news about collectible items related to the world of video games is reaching unthinkable values ​​at auction. After seeing an original Super Mario game for SNES it reached a value of 114 thousand dollars. Now, an extremely rare Pokémon card managed to reach more than double that …

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Xiaomi patent reveals wireless headset different from what we are used to


Xiaomi is a company that is not afraid to invest in irreverent. To give us a totally new and avant-garde ideology. This wireless headset is just that. Xiaomi’s new patent shows us how it can be one of the brand’s products. Although we don’t know how far we will see …

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Cyberpad: meet the iPad Pro inspired by Cyberpunk 2077!


Caviar, a Russian luxury brand known for extravagant covers, decided to create one for the iPad Pro. It is a titanium-coated iPad Pro with the name “Cyberpad”. This name is inspired by games like Deus Ex, Mirror’s Edge and, of course, Cyberpunk 2077, the upcoming RPG. It is important to …

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Google Translate on Android brings Dark Mode to everyone


Google continues its demand to bring dark mode to all its applications. And the most recent to receive it is Google Translate on Android devices. Restrictedly, users of this app started receiving the news in February. But in version 6. 10 for Android, 9to5Google claims it is available to everyone. …

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Realme revealed the name of your mystery smartphone! Know the specifications


A few days ago, a mysterious Realme smartphone certified by TENAA appeared, indicating that the manufacturer was preparing to launch a new line of devices. Today, through a publication on its official account of the Chinese social network Weibo, the brand confirmed the name of its new smartphone, Realme V5. …

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