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Ubisoft asks Apple and Google to remove a game from their stores that is a copy


 Apple, the fourth company in the Fortune list 500 has gotten into a legal problem no more and no less than against one of the companies most recognized video game developers. Well, in the App Store you will find Area F2, a game that apparently copies a lot of one …

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The expected new design of the iPhone 12 can be seen in this concept video


Today we return with a new concept in video of an iPhone 12 that we think you will love. Before the world was turned upside down, 2020 was going to be a year in which the Apple iPhone would have its best moment to date. The iPhone SE update was …

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Google Pixel will eliminate a feature in Pixel 5 that never became popular! Do you know which


Google is about to reveal the next Google Pixel 5. According to the information, the new smartphone will arrive with two variants and without a feature that Google revealed in Pixel 4. The ” Project Soli “(also known as MotionSense) was introduced in Google Pixel 4 as a form of …

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These are the two new Pride straps for the Apple Watch


LGTBIQ + Pride month is a special celebration on Apple's agenda, which year after year dedicates a special launch to celebrate it. This 2020 and despite the exceptional situation we are experiencing, the company has not only met its agenda but also has joined another of its collaborators . So …

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How to create your Facebook avatar or emoji easily from iPhone or iPad


Facebook has presented its own Memoji, a kind of personalized emojis that look like you very much like the ones we have available on Apple devices. They have been called Avatar and are available to the vast majority of social network users worldwide, although they may not yet have reached …

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China strikes back for the Huawei case: Apple is “an unreliable entity”


As many of you know, the United States government blocked Huawei in the middle of last year. Although the trade war dates back to 2018. Now, from China, they could fight back by targeting Apple. China thinks that Apple is “an unreliable entity” in retaliation after the prohibition of the …

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This inflatable electric “bicycle” is what you need to change your life! (video)


We are increasingly receiving news of new electric scooters to be launched on the market, as a result of an exponential growth in demand over the past few years. However, this new electric scooter developed in Japan has a unique feature never seen before, it is inflatable! The prototype is …

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Dyson abandons his electric car that could very well destroy the Tesla!


Dyson, a company known for its vacuum cleaners, hair dryers or even fans, had an electric car project that promised to fight head-on with the Tesla. However, after spending more than 560 million euros in the development of the electric car, the company set aside its ambition. According to Sir …

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Oppo will enter force in Europe thanks to the partnership with Vodafone!


Oppo is one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers in China and it has recently been confirmed that they have finally decided to invest in its expansion to Europe. After its arrival in Portugal was confirmed by Media Markt, Worten, El Corte Inglés, PC Fale, Fnac and NOS, a strong …

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Enjoy! Paid games are now free on the Google Play Store (limited time)


Today we have an interesting list for you. These are paid games but are temporarily free on the Google Play Store. Don't miss out on this opportunity to save a few euros and have brutal games on your smartphone. 7 paid games now free on the Google Play Store Guns'n'Glory …

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