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Samsung Galaxy S21 (S30) will have to bring earphones and charger. Here's the reason


Apple said it wanted to be more “green” with the new iPhone 12 and decided to remove the earphones and charger from Cashier. Well, the new information directly from South Korea states that Samsung can do the same on the Samsung Galaxy S 21 (or Galaxy S 30). It was …

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Spotify achieves incredible goal, but continues to melt money!


With the end of another quarter, many companies and manufacturers have revealed the numbers achieved during the last 3 months and Spotify was one of them. According to the latest report, the music streaming service continues to show impressive growth, adding 72 millions of users active during the last 12 …

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iPhone 12 Mini: this is the first smartphone video! You won't believe its size!


The iPhone 12 Mini is one of the great highlights of Apple in the new smartphones. Although it doesn’t offer as many features as the iPhone 12 and Pro models, this little “mini” is perfect for those who want a smartphone Now, oddly enough, we have the first smartphone video. …

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Google Play Store: you'll love this new feature to compare apps


The Google Play Store is like a sacred place for any Android smartphone. The store of applications for smartphones is getting bigger and with more options for Apps that you want to use on a daily basis. However, choosing the best application is not always simple. Therefore, the developers of …

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Samsung stole the lead from Xiaomi in the second largest market in the world!


Over the past year, Xiaomi has managed to assume the isolated leadership of the second largest market in the world, India, becoming one of its main business points. But, with Samsung’s big investment in strengthening its offer of mid-range smartphones, it ended up achieving impressive results in this market. According …

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Xiaomi launches a gadget to compete with Google Chromecast, only it does not need Internet


It is no longer the first time that we have seen Xiaomi launching gadgets that compete directly with Google Chromecast. However, this Xiaomi Mi Pai is a little different since it doesn’t need an internet connection to work. The idea is identical, but a little different. That is, the objective …

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Xiaomi has the perfect alternative to Google Chromecast. And it has a brutal asset!


Xiaomi just launched on its crowdfunding platform – Youpin – a new gadget called Xiaomi Mi Pai. This is an HDMI dongle that has everything to be the perfect alternative to the popular Google Chromecast. In addition to presenting a design extremely inspired by the latest Chromecast, it also has …

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Apple: over a billion people use the iPhone


Thirteen years after sales of the first model began, Apple has more than 1 billion iPhone users. The enviable goal was reached last September 2020 according to analyst Neil Cybart of Above Avalon. The iPhone remains one of the best selling smartphones worldwide and one of the most coveted on …

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