Saturday , February 27 2021

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 is receiving Android 11 with MIUI 12


The wait was long and users had no choice but to wait, but now Android is coming 11 to the Redmi Note 8 smartphone. The same update is also coming to the Redmi Note 8T, the variant with NFC connection. This is one of the few Xiaomi phones launched in …

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Spotify confirms hard blow for users of the free plan!


Spotify has revealed many new features over the past few days, the most notable feature being the launch of a premium plan with support for Hi-Fi music, without loss of quality. Now, the latest information will not be very positive for users of the free plan. A new measure has …

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Yakuza studio boss would like to remake spin-offs from the series


The head of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, Daisuke Sato, responsible for the Yakuza franchise, revealed that he would like to redo the series’ spin-offs for the new consoles. Among them, Yakuza Ishin (PS4) and Yakuza Kenzan (PS3). Both released only in Japan. In an interview with the JPGames website, the …

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Xiaomi Redmi 9AT: possibly the best phone up to 100 €


The Android smartphone market has a shortage of really affordable and satisfying devices. Fortunately there are still notable exceptions such as the Redmi 9AT, a special variant of this cheap and good Xiaomi phone until 100 euros. The phone is currently available for 99, 99 euros in Portugal , being …

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Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra will be the first to use Samsung's 50MP sensor


Xiaomi and Samsung have a long-standing partner for the debut of the new photographic sensors from South Korea. It happened with the first sensor of 108 Korean MP, but others had preceded this feat. The next chapter of this story encompasses Samsung’s brand new 50 MP sensor presented today. According …

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DOOM Eternal director considered female protagonist in the game


During a broadcast in early February, DOOM Eternal director Hugo Martin was asked if id Software had already considered developing a female Doom Slayer. Not only did he respond in the affirmative, he revealed more details on the subject. Martin said the studio would like to do this in a …

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OPPO has demonstrated the wireless charging technology of the future!


During its presence at MWC Shangai, OPPO made several announcements, and one of them is giving a talk. OPPO’s new wireless charging technology promises to compete directly with the one recently presented by Xiaomi. The official video of the brand published on YouTube to demonstrate this new technology, gives us …

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Xiaomi: new Redmi Smart TV Max is on the way and promises a lot of quality!


Xiaomi is preparing the launch of a new Redmi Smart TV Max for the day of presentation of K smartphones 40, scheduled for the next 25 in February. The brand suggested the novelty through the social network Weibo but declined to reveal great details about its new television. The only …

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