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Huawei adds and follows! Even with the problems the manufacturer continues to grow!


Huawei was not expected to continue to grow. Mainly with the sanctions imposed by the government of the United States of America. However, this is exactly what is happening. Contrary to what analysts had expected, Huawei posted a 9.9% growth compared to the same time last year. Speaking of profit, …

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Xiaomi will launch a new smart doorbell that you will want to have at your home!


Xiaomi’s smart bells are one of the most interesting gadgets you can find for sale by the Asian company. In addition to having a price well below the average, it offers features that only the bells with an absurd price offer. Apparently the brand is preparing to reveal a new …

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Xiaomi reveals fantastic price portable water sprinkler (video)


If you are looking for a water sprinkler to always walk with you, Xiaomi will soon offer you an economical solution. It is called Dr. Bei Water Flosser F3 and the price is in 149 yuan – 19 euros . This is the price at which it was launched in …

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OnePlus Nord N100 will be presented tomorrow and comes with a price that you will like!


After making a big splash with the launch of the flagship OnePlus 8T, the brand is ready to put itself in the spotlight again with the launch of a new mid-range, the OnePlus Nord N 100. This is a smartphone that has given a lot to talk about, especially because …

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Microsoft Edge will receive functionality that can shake Google Chrome!


The world of browsers has been clearly dominated by Google Chrome over the years, being the most used browser of all time and on virtually all platforms. Its rivals can do little or nothing to “scratch” its popularity, but Microsoft now has a secret weapon. Since they launched their new …

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Nintendo Switch: fans frustrated by the postponement of the Apex Legends arrival


More and more, Nintendo Switch presents itself as an excellent alternative to Xbox One and PS4, especially since it started receiving some of the most popular games today. However, not everything is going smoothly this year. During EA Play Live 2020, it was confirmed that Apex Legends would be one …

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Tesla Autopilot: video shows trip (almost) totally done with autopilot!


Recently, Tesla started offering the first beta version of the true autonomous driving functionality (FSD), which gives real meaning to the popular Tesla Autopilot package. Now that a restricted group of users already have the opportunity to test the new functionality, the first videos start to appear, and they are …

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Realme will launch Qualcomm edition of its budget smartphones. Fans will love it!


Realme has managed to achieve great popularity, not only in China and India, but also in the various European markets. Much of this success is due to the attractive price of its high-end and mid-range / high-end smartphones. However, the brand also has excellent offers in the budget segment. But, …

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