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Over 800 million WeChat users sent digital monetary gifts during Lunar New Year

Over 800 million WeChat users sent digital monetary gifts during Lunar New Year

WeChat, the most popular messaging app owned by the Chinese technology giant Tencent, registered 823 million users who send and receive red packets, cash gifts, commonly known as “hongbao”, through the messaging app for the first six lunar days. New Year’s Eve as of February 4, seven percent more than the 768 million users of last year.

The record number represents more than 80 percent of active WeChat accounts that are used daily, and follows the announcement that WeChat made last month that it has more than one billion active users.

A record number also indicates that the batch of mushrooms, traditionally observed among 1.4 billion people in China, has largely switched to mobile applications, with almost 60 percent of China’s population taking the approach to celebrating the Year. New and chat with family and friends.

Tencent data also showed that people born after 1990 were the most active participants in sending digital red packets on WeChat compared to other age groups. Beijing, Guangzhou and Chongqing were the three main Chinese cities for sending and receiving WeChat red packets.

In addition to Tencent’s WeChat, other giants of Chinese technology have also invested heavily in attracting users to their respective platforms, taking advantage of the Lunar New Year.

Alipay, a mobile payment application owned by Alibaba, successfully attracted 330 million Alipay users to play a specialized game for the traditional Lunar New Year, where participating users received 500 million yuan ($ 74). million) proposed by a Chinese company. and lucky ones earning up to 4,000 yuan.

Baidu, China’s main search engine, also claimed to have allocated cash prizes worth 900 million yuan during a traditional festival, while recording over 20 billion interactions between users trying to win these prizes.

WeChat Pay, a digital payment method integrated into WeChat, also showed that Hong Kong, Macau and Bangkok were the three main destinations abroad, where WeChat people made payments using their smartphones during the past week.

During the six-day period of the Chinese festival, over 1.24 billion WeChat payments were made in places other than where they live, indicating that most Chinese will emigrate back to their places of origin to celebrate the festival, according to WeChat.



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