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Oppo: New camera with 10x optical zoom for Android smartphones

10x Zoom Camera for the phone is already official

The Chinese manufacturer, Oppo, came back to with the presentation of its new technology to be applied in the photographic modules of its smartphones. At MWC 2017 the manufacturer introduced the ” 5x precision optical zoom ” technology, now its successor is even more impressive.

According to information disclosed by Oppo, the new technology allows you to achieve 10x Optical Zoom. This new photographic module uses 3 cameras, adding an ultra-wide camera to the configuration used in last year’s technology.

The manufacturer has revealed that this new module will be able to offer an optical zoom between 15.9mm and 159mm. Of course, when applied to a smartphone, we will be able to achieve impressive photographic results with this optical zoom level.

New camera with 10x optical zoom for Android smartphones

In addition to the amazing approach capabilities. Oppo also revealed that it has added optical image stabilization to two of the three cameras. In this way, you will be able to considerably improve the stability of the camera, even with a 10x zoom.

Unfortunately, no information was revealed on the opening of these new cameras. As GizmoChina pointed out , this is a very important factor in the end result, especially when using a 10x zoom.



However, Oppo has officially confirmed that it will present a functional prototype of this new camera during MWC 2019. Furthermore, it said that this photo module is now ready to move into mass production.

So, it will not be surprising if we see it integrated into the brand’s next-generation smartphones, or even in OnePlus 7. There is also the possibility of seeing this camera in action on a new smartphone that can be presented during MWC 2019, in Barcelona.


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