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Finally Oppo Inaugurates Mobile With 5x Zoom Technology

Unlike other vendors who aggressively showcase the latest smartphones at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, it released the Oppo smartphone camera technology innovations titled Zoom 5x dual camera. The technology is already busy discussed since last week. Oppo had to give puzzle through some teaser video published on a regular basis since the H-5 launch.

Finally, Oppo Inaugurates Mobile With 5x Zoom Technology

As the name implies 5x none other than technology to bring the shooting object or zoom the camera smartphone as much as five times without compromising image quality. It is thanks to the optimization of the dual camera or dual camera. Oppo also incorporates a wide angle lens or wide angle to telephoto lenses remotely or by using a periscope structure that is capable of capturing objects from a position.

Oppo device lens shifts 90 degrees, so there is a format prism formed to reflect the light and give the room a larger lens to a wide angle lens. This technology allows users to take photos of landscapes, portraits, close-ups and all the standard formats commonly caught by a professional camera. Innovation and modification of such lenses were developed by 106 engineers Oppo within a period of nearly one year.

Zoom technology usually has two negative effects. Namely, the phone body is thick and easily distracted by shocks. The risk has been thought by engineer Oppo. Users no longer need to fear the thickness of the mobile phone, because the structure of the periscope on tech 5x zoom has a thickness of 5.7 mm. Volume was even 10 percent thinner than the two times zoom lens on the camera smartphone.

Regarding the stability of small shocks can have a significant impact on the clarity of the picture when the zoom factor is left in a shooting. This problem is solved by a periscope lens structure. Instead of using a stabilizer with a wide angle lens as other smartphone vendors, Oppo even embeds stabilizers on the telephoto lens. The result telephoto lens capable of capturing shake thoroughly and get over it.


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