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OPPO Find X will leave the world jaw dropped

OPPO Find X will leave the world jaw dropped

OPPO is preparing a new Android smartphone that promises to leave the world astonished. OPPO Find X will arrive on June 19 in Paris and is expected to be what the Lenovo Z5 was not.

Remember the Lenovo Z5? We all expected it to be a fantastic smartphone with super-low margins and became an authentic replica of iPhone X’s poor quality.

Well, this OPPO Find X promises to be something more. Rumor has it that the terminal will offer a fantastic design with super-reduced margins on the front.

In fact, the latest rumors even indicate that this will be the smartphone with more body/ratio on the market. This means having more screen and fewer margins to follow.

OPPO Find X will surprise the Android world 

Vivo has given us a good example of a smartphone with this ideology. The Vivo NEX gives us only a margin super reduced at the bottom and a pop-up camera on the top rim.

We are not sure where OPPO Find X will fit the camera. Some indicate that it will be at the bottom of the smartphone, others indicate that the camera will be “inside” the screen.

I honestly do not think the second option is possible, at least for now. OPPO has already shown that it has the capacity to show us a quality device for an interesting price.

OPPO Find X leak


We must also take into account that OPPO and Vivo are not exactly competitors. OPP, Vivo, and OnePlus are part of BBK Electronics. A Chinese company that does not stop growing in the technological world.

There is little left for this OPPO Find X to be revealed and if it really brings the alleged 93.8% screen, it will be a device to take into account. 


  1. And as per our expectation the oppo makes the world amazed with it’s own kind of design for the oppo find x which made it to stand out among the other high end smartphones.


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