Home NEWS OPPO Find X to be the first smartphone with 10GB of RAM

OPPO Find X to be the first smartphone with 10GB of RAM

OPPO Find X to be the first smartphone with 10GB of RAM

OPPO is one of the leading brands in the Android market, and it seems it will continue with its smartphone with 10GB of RAM.

RAM is important on an Android smartphone. Unlike the Apple system, the Android system consumes more features than the iOS system. This means that Android manufacturers have to give more power and specs to their equipment so they can compete in performance.

We can assume that 8GB of RAM is more than enough at the top of the range. The terminals of OnePlus, Xiaomi or even OPPO already offer this type of memory, however, we will not stay here.

OPPO has just certified a variant of OPPO Find X with 10GB of memory. This means that the Android smartphone must be about to be revealed officially.

OPPO Find X is expected to be the first Android smartphone with 10GB of RAM

I honestly do not believe that a terminal needs so much RAM to excel in performance, however, it’s a good step to take for the mobile segment.

OPPO Find X to with 10GB of RAM


With the processors getting more powerful and efficient, RAM remains to give the fluidity needed in open applications. I remember that the task of RAM on Android devices is important but it is not really fundamental.

If an operating system and User Interface is well optimized, the terminal can easily bring good quality of flow and performance. An example of this is the Samsung models. Although they do not have the lightest system, they still do not offer 8GB of RAM in their equipment because they simply do not need it.

Although I do not consider it essential for now, I fully believe that this is an important step in the mobile world and gaming in smartphones.


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