Home NEWS OPPO enters Europe to fight the success of Xiaomi

OPPO enters Europe to fight the success of Xiaomi

OPPO enters Europe to fight the success of Xiaomi

Rumors said that OPPO wanted to compete with Xiaomi in another market, well, the rumors were true. The Chinese company officially entered Europe and from here onwards promises to be a close fight.

Until then Europe was a bit off the radar of the dominant Asian manufacturers. Huawei set a good example as it entered and dominated the European continent and Xiaomi followed suit a few months ago.

With the official entry into Europe, Xiaomi already scares brands with less consistency and less market. The Chinese company in a few months here is already number 4 in Spain and the same will happen soon in Portugal.

The quality/price ratio is increasingly relevant. Most users no longer want to know what brand their smartphone is. What people want is a good and cheap device.

OPPO and Xiaomi are strong competitors in China and will again be in Europe

Xiaomi does that, OPPO too. Incidentally, this was the great success of Huawei in Portugal with its “lite”.

OPPO is one that dominates China. With more than 200 million users worldwide, the Chinese company promises to revolutionize Europe. One of the smartphones we are looking forward to seeing is the OPPO Find X. Okay that will be expensive, but the terminal is the future of mobile equipment.

Also worthy of note are the mid-range OPPO terminals. I remember that OnePlus draws strong inspirations from OPPOs on their equipment. OPPO, OnePlus and Vivo are all part of the BBK Electronics company that dominates Asia and wants to repeat success in Europe.

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The brand officially entered Spain, France, the Netherlands and Italy, but it is only a matter of time before Portugal enters the accounts.


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