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OPPO A7 is the new Android smartphone with the notch of OnePlus 6T

OPPO A7 is the new Android smartphone with the notch of OnePlus 6T

It is one of the 5 largest manufacturers in the world’s largest smartphone market. She is the “sister” of OnePlus and one of the constructions that has anticipated some of the launches of the already well-known OnePlus. Now we have a new Android smartphone, the OPPO A7.

Firstly, this new Android smartphone intends to put itself in the mid-range segment. It should be noted that, unlike OPPO R17, OPPO A7 is therefore a more economical and mass-accessible device.

Secondly and since we are in full age of the margins or bezels reduced, the new product does not escape the rule. In fact, even his notch, cut or monocle was greatly reduced. All this to minimize its impact on the top of the smartphone.

Therefore, in this new Android smartphone and similar to the OnePlus 6T, we have here a notch in the form of water drop/tear. A more discreet format that maximizes the area occupied by the screen, while still maintaining the front camera.

Arrived a new Android smartphone, the OPPO A7!

In fact, being OPPO a “sister” brand of OnePlus, since both belong to the multinational BBK Eletronics, it is natural that we see in both the same solution. The same way of circumventing the (so far great) impact, provoked by the traditional notch and more rectangular. However, the big star of this OPPO A7 is even its big battery with a capacity of 4230mAh. Next ,we can see your notch as well as the insert for the handset in this new Android smartphone.

Looking more closely at its technical characteristics we can see, first of all, the presence of the Snapdragon 450 processor from Qualcomm. Unfortunately, it’s a low-end processor for a terminal that claims to be “mid-range.”

OPPO A7 shares the notch of OnePlus 6T

In short, given its modest processor and its generous battery, we can expect great autonomy. However, we must also look closely at its remaining technical specifications.

Therefore we have here a large screen, with 6.2 inches of diagonal as well as a modest resolution. This stands for the HD + standard, therefore being a panel composed of 1520 × 720 pixels.

Continuing to look at its technical specifications we also have 3GB as well as 4GB of RAM. Here depending on the version intended by the smartphone user. Going forward, we also have 32GB as well as 64GB of internal storage. In both cases with the possibility of using a microSD memory card.

We also have a dual camera on the rear, consisting of a 13MP f / 2.2 sensor as well as a second 2MP f / 2.4 sensor. Already in its front part, we also have a camera of 16MP f / 2.0 for all your selfies.

The smartphone also features the fast loading technology of the brand as well as several shades of color to choose from the consumer. Regarding prices, in China this Android smartphone will cost from 230 dollars.

However, it will be very unlikely to see this mobile device in national physical stores.


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