Home NEWS Online savings and investment platform Piggybank.Ng Becomes PiggyVest

Online savings and investment platform Piggybank.Ng Becomes PiggyVest

Online savings and investment platform Piggybank.Ng Becomes PiggyVest

The online savings and investment platform Piggybank.ng announced its transition from Piggybank.ng to PiggyVest, a much broader and more integrated financial management platform.

The change will be effective as of today, Monday, February 11, 2019.

Piggybank.ng was launched in 2016 as a savings product. Over the years, they have introduced innovative products, from savings tools such as Safelock, Target and Group Savings and PiggyFlex, to insurance products such as AvonFlex, and others, such as the recently launched TrackIt, which helps customers to be more efficient in financial management.

In May 2018, the company closed $ 1.1 million in initial funds for license acquisition and product development.

“We are building the future of savings and investment, starting in Nigeria. So, we need a name that reflects this, “said the co-founder and CEO of Somto Ifezue about the decision to change the brand name.

This evolution reflects the determination of PiggyVest to guarantee the continuous development of its services according to the needs of its customers.

They trust that this will allow them to include the dynamic range of new products in their proposals; expand the access of its clients to various financial services solutions; and ultimately, deepen the value they provide to their customers.

Speaking about this announcement, Odunayo Eweniyi co-founder and operations director said: “Our new identity is more than a name change. We believe that this reflects the essence of our management as a company and our attention to the needs of our customers. “Our new name is a symbol of this direction and gives an idea of the exciting things that await us and our customers in the future.”

Over the years, Piggybank.ng has expanded its community to more than 195,000 registered people who currently save more than $ 1 billion per month. And, as Joshua Chibuez, co-founder and marketing director, said: “We strive to provide the best for our Customers. When it comes to financial management, PiggyVest is truly a complete solution that will surely deliver on these promises for a wide range of users “.

As part of its expansion plans, PiggyVest will develop and incorporate additional financial capabilities to make the platform more reliable and ready to reach more users on the continent and, ultimately, throughout the world.

This enhanced platform will offer even more services, including insurance and group investment options that will be available to everyone, regardless of their origin, while maintaining the simplicity and convenience that were their trademark.


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