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OnePlus Nord already starts to have problems on your screen

The OnePlus Nord was presented last week and is undoubtedly one of the most interesting mid-range of recent times. For just over 400 €, you have a very stylish outfit and specifications that will not let you down.

However, the bad news starts now. The first units of the OnePlus Nord are showing some problems on their screen. More specifically, they are presenting a green and purple color on the sides.

OnePlus Nord

Problems with the OnePlus Nord screen are manifested in low light

There are already several reports to address this problem on the OnePlus Nord screen. Both on Reddit and on the brand’s official forums, many users are reporting this defect.

According to their reports, these unusual colors appear when the screen is at low light levels. In most cases when these levels are below 20%.

publication 9to5 Google claims to have experienced the same problem in his test unit. In your case, everything happens with the brightness below 60% or when a dark theme is being used.

This demonstrates that the problems with the OnePlus Nord screen are widespread. What is causing it is, for now, unknown and bad news for everyone interested in the smartphone.

OnePlus has already responded

Faced with the reports, OnePlus was quick to provide clarifications. In a note left to 9to5 Google , the brand admits that this phenomenon may occur under specific circumstances due to the properties of the AMOLED screens.

It also states that this is not a quality defect and that it will not affect the use of the Device. As for a solution to the problem, it provided no clarification.

This is not the first OnePlus to suffer from this problem

Unfortunately, the OnePlus 8 Pro also had similar problems on its screen. Something that could be an indicator of a deficiency in the panels that the Chinese company is using.

In the case of its top of the range, the brand managed to mitigate the problem with a software update. Hopefully the same can be done on OnePlus Nord and as soon as possible.

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