Home NEWS OnePlus leverages its great success to enjoy with Apple

OnePlus leverages its great success to enjoy with Apple

OnePlus leverages its great success to enjoy with Apple

OnePlus had a year of extreme success in the second largest market in the world, having been considered the most popular brand of premium smartphones by Counterpoint.

The fact that it was number one in an increasingly important market means that giants such as Xiaomi, Samsung and Apple have been left behind. Increasingly, companies are betting heavily on the Indian market, but OnePlus has been a winner in the high-end segment.

Even if they present themselves with ever higher prices. Apple continues to be one of the top targets of Android smartphone makers. As emphasized GizChina, much thanks to the loyalty associated with the products of the company of Cupertino.

OnePlus Sees Gold Opportunity for Apple’s ‘Do-It-Yourself’

The battle between the various giants of the smartphone world has been going on for many years. And as you know, they never stayed for pure competition between smartphones. Since there have been numerous cases where they attack each other in advertising campaigns.

Now it was OnePlus’s turn to take advantage of its great success in India to attack Apple quite directly. This was most likely the first time the Chinese manufacturer decided to give such a direct ‘hit’ to the Cupertino company.

Through your official Twitter account. OnePlus India has posted an image of OnePlus 6T, where the text leaves no room for doubt. “Hey Siri, what is the # 1 premium smartphone  in India?” Was the phrase used by the brand.

Oneplus - Apple

But not satisfied with the image, they also put the description “iDare you”, clearly as a reference to the usual nomenclature used by Apple.

Finally, the publisher posted a second tweet where he reminded his fans that OnePlus smartphones do not support the virtual assistant Siri. Advising them to use Google Assistant.


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