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OnePlus Inspires Star Trek for Dash Charge’s Successor

OnePlus Inspires Star Trek for Dash Charge's Successor

OnePlus drew inspiration from Star Trek for the successor to the Dash Charge, or so it seems. The Dash Charge is one of the most relevant technologies of OnePlus equipment. The smartphones since early that stood out by the speed of loading.

Nobody likes to be clinging to a wall to use the smartphone. OnePlus made this clear by giving us a super fast loading format.

However, the name “Dash Charge” had some registration problems in the European Union. The name was registered by a company that has nothing to do with fast loading.

This means that OnePlus had to get a replacement for the Dash Charge, at least in the name.

OnePlus Warp Charge could be the rebrand of OPPO Super-VOOC

The registration of the mark in the regulators indicates then that the successor will be “Warp Charge”. We do not know to what extent this Warp Charge will have modifications to the Dash Charger or if it will be just a name change to not have future problems.

The Warp Charge must use the same technology as the OPPO VOOC. It should be noted that OPPO Find X brought the Super-VOOC for the first time. Therefore, it is plausible to imagine that this Warp Charge may also have its improvements.



The VOOC technology carries a smartphone at 20W, however, the Super-VOOC gives us 50W of charging. If the OnePlus 6T Warp Charge offers us this speed we can expect unbelievable loading speed. This may be the reason for the name Warp charge.

A Little Star Trek and the Warp Drive

Star Trek lovers know that Warp Drive has changed the way you travel through space. In a simple way the Warp speed is faster than the speed of light because it “doubles” space / time.

In certain respects, somewhat like Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. Except that the ship “is itself the force of gravity” by shrinking the space between two distinct places. (too nerdy, sorry).


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