Home NEWS OnePlus has achieved what Huawei and Xiaomi only dream of

OnePlus has achieved what Huawei and Xiaomi only dream of

OnePlus has achieved what Huawei and Xiaomi only dream of

OnePlus, Huawei and Xiaomi have long looked at the US market seriously, but only one of them has been able to stand out and get closer to US customers. Although North America is not directly relevant to us Europeans, we must realize the importance of the American market in our lives.

A well-performing manufacturer in the US is more likely to succeed worldwide. Moreover, a manufacturer with more equipment manufacturing capabilities, the more users gain from this.

OnePlus anticipated Huawei and Xiaomi in the US market

OnePlus wants to show itself as a company that listens to fans, but at the end of the day the goal is always the same, making money.

Huawei is still far from the US market and although the reasons why the Chinese company does not enter this market are not official, we can only assume that they are the following:

Firstly Huawei refuses to use Qualcomm as processors of its equipment. Although some mid-range offer Qualcomm, the Kirin (Huawei chips) are those that fit in the terminals of the brand. Since the US government can not realize that there is no hidden technology that could compromise them, they prefer not to risk it.


Secondly, because Huawei is not afraid to admit that it works together with the Chinese government. In fact, much of the investment money comes from the government of China. One more reason for America to have.

In conclusion, Xiaomi and Huawei want to enter the US as OnePlus has joined – along with T-Mobile with smartphones in more than 3,500 stores – they will have to make compromises. How much will they do? One thing is certain, OnePlus is winning the battle.


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