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OnePlus 8T: teardown reveals how mysterious batteries work!

The OnePlus 8T did not take long to share the opinion of the fans, being the 3rd high-end smartphone to be launched by the manufacturer this year. As expected, it was placed between the two predecessors, being clearly superior to the OnePlus 8 but slightly inferior to the “Pro” variant.

As mentioned by several users, the new top of the range features as an excellent option for those looking for a new smartphone. On the other hand, it is difficult to be able to justify a possible investment for those who already have the OnePlus 8.

One of the novelties brought by the OnePlus 8T is its super fast loading of 65 W, achieved through the implementation of two individual batteries inside the smartphone. This strategy, already used by other brands, ended up leaving users very curious.

OnePlus 8T was disassembled and was stripped of secrets

After having published its traditional resistance test on the day of the presentation of the OnePlus 8T (where the results impressed), the JerryRigEverything channel has now published its video of dismantling the new top of the range.

wait, one of Zack Nelson’s big goals was to find and understand how this new two battery approach works. The Warp Charge technology 65, licensed by OPPO, works in a very simple way. Two 32, 5W systems work in parallel to charge two batteries of 2, 250 mAh at the same time.

Contrary to what many expected, the OnePlus 8T actually arrives with two cells, but only one “battery pack”. It is possible to see without any problem that within this “package” are two individual units.

OnePlus 8T teardown skin

To know in detail everything that is within the new top of the range just watch the video published on the JerryRigEverything channel. Interestingly, this video also gives us the opportunity to see how detailed their new custom skins are sold by DBrand.

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