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OnePlus 8T after all will not be the first to arrive with Android 11!

After being officially revealed by Google earlier this month, Android 11 is now the version of the operating system that everyone wants to have on their smartphone. As always, a race has started between the various manufacturers, to see who can launch the updates as soon as possible.

Obviously, the first smartphones to hit the market with the new version will be the new Google Pixel. However, everything indicated that the OnePlus 8T would be the first “non-Google” smartphone to arrive with Android 11 at the factory, but this does not seem to be true. According to a press release published by Vivo, Vivo V 20 will be the first to achieve this feat.

Vivo V20 Android 11

Vivo V 20 will be the first “non-Google” to reach stores with Android 11

During the presentation of the brand’s three new smartphones, had the idea that everyone would have the FunTouch OS interface 11 based on Android 10. However, this seems to apply only to the “SE” and “Pro” models. According to the Vivo V product page 20, your version of the FunTouch OS 11 is already based on Android 11.

This information was eventually confirmed by the XDA Developers website team, who confirmed through Google Play Console that Vivo V 20 has the SDK version 30 , confirming the presence of Android 11. To end all doubts, a Youtuber from Indonesia has already published a video of the Vivo V unboxing 20, where it is also presence of the new version of Android confirmed.

Vivo V20 Android 11 oficial

Considering that Android smartphones receive at least 2 major updates, it is expected that Vivo V 20 can receive updates up to Android 13.

In the case of “SE” and “Pro” models, it is believed that the update to Android 11 arrive a few weeks after its launch.

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