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OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro will have 3 dedicated gaming accessories


OnePlus is keeping interest in OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro in highs with 3 gaming accessories. OnePlus has teamed up with accessory manufacturer Flydigi and is selling mobile phones with accessory bundles.

These bundles cost between 450 and 680 euros , depending on the accessory and the mobile phone. The promotion will continue until July 21 and for now, only the Chinese website JD is making them available.

One-handed Flydigi Wasp 2

This command fits the sides of the phone and has 3 buttons, plus an analog joystick. To give more control to the game, a joystick is ideal. The 3 buttons probably do secondary actions and it is possible that you can configure to your liking.

Flydigi Cooling Fan

This fan has some interesting features. It attaches to the back of the phone with suction cups. The fan has 3 different speeds and RGB lights.

The battery of the fan is 700 mAh, which should yield a few hours of play. Knowing that liquid cooled mobile phones are more expensive, this can be a way to keep the equipment fresh. However, it turns out to be the same as putting a cooling base under a laptop.

Flydigi Game Triggers

For those who play PUBG, Fortnite or other shooting games, triggers have become a popular accessory. Each of them has a 50 mAh battery and a supposed autonomy of 80 hours. Charging is done by MicroUSB.

Are we going to have this bundles in Europe?

It is unlikely. The marketing and availability of these packs of mobile phones with accessories point out that they are unique to the Chinese market.

However, it does not mean that they are always unavailable. It is very likely that after the promotion the accessories will be sold separately in online stores. OnePlus did not provide information on the price of individual accessories.

The most interesting feature is that you can use the 3 accessories at the same time. This streamlines the gaming experience on the mobile phone as it is true and well known that the touch screen may not be the best way to play certain types of games like shooting.


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