Home NEWS OnePlus 6T goes through Geekbench and confirms its 8GB of RAM

OnePlus 6T goes through Geekbench and confirms its 8GB of RAM

OnePlus 6T goes through Geekbench and confirms its 8GB of RAM

We are about to meet the next top-tier with the Android Pie platform to be launched by OnePlus technology. It will be called OnePlus 6T and has already been divulged, little by little, in several leaks of information. Now, we have another great escape thanks to Geekbench.

First, there is no doubt that this is one of the most anticipated range of tops now to the end of 2018. By the way, after we have gotten to know the new Mate 20 of Huawei and the new Pixel 3, there is little left for the end of this year.

Secondly, we had previously learned that OnePlus 6T would be officially unveiled on October 30th . However, all the rumors and information leaks around the device have created the already habitual Hype or excitement. Deserved, exaggerated? It’s a good question …

Thirdly, and what goes on here today, we have the OnePlus 6T registration on the Geekbench test platform. Here we can see and confirm some of its technical characteristics in this platform of tests and benchmarks.

OnePlus 6T shows its features on GeekBench

As we can see below by the screenshot, here is an already quite complete record of its characteristics. However, it should be noted that we cannot confirm or deny the authenticity of the information itself. Nevertheless, it should also be pointed out that this information reaches us through the international press. We can see that in the single-core scores we have 2510 points while the multi-core tests total 8639 points. See the registration.

In short and beyond the usual scores of the Geekbench platform, we have here several of its characteristics. First, we have the indication of the version of operating system uses, in this case the latest Android Pie 9.0.

Android operating system Pie 9.0 as well as OxygenOS 9.0

It should also be noted that this operating system – Android Pie – will be “coated” by the interface of the brand, OxygenOS. This interface is already in its 9th version, corresponding to the latest version of the Google operating system.

Whether we take into account brand history as well as the latest information leakage, we will have various storage schemes. So we can have 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB of internal storage – not expandable (by default).

Not to mention the amount of RAM present in this OnePlus 6T. Here we can have a total of 6GB of RAM or 8GB of RAM, in the standard version and the top version.

It will be officially launched on October 30th

We could also mention some of the new navigation gestures that will arrive at OnePlus 6T with the next version of OxygenOS. Something that we have already covered here at 4gnews, intending this version to give even more versatility to the stock version of Android Pie.

In short, there is little left to discover during the official presentation. It will be, above all, the fingerprint reader built into the screen that will attract more attention. However, the news will not be exhausted here and will cover essentially every aspect of OnePlus 6T.

There remains only the (important) question of its price, which according to rumors may remain in the current values. Still, I do not rule out the possibility of seeing here a small increase, starting the base version at € 569.


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