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OnePlus 6 in red may be coming soon

OnePlus 6 in red may be coming soon

OnePlus 6 is probably one of the best Android smartphones on the market when we look at quality/price. The new device of the Chinese company gives us basically everything a lover of top tops can wish.

The OnePlus 6 has excellent build quality, stylish design and flagship specifications. The smartphone can only and should be compared to the top of the market range with values around € 900.

The Asian company has a strong community, an operating system capable and very identical to the stock Android and, above all, a product of extreme quality for the requested price.

The OnePlus 6 is not, in my opinion, the best smartphone on the market, however, it is one of the most interesting and obvious temptations.

OnePlus 6’s Nearly Pure Android System Fascinates Me

The device arrived in 3 shades. Two of them on the first day of release and one of them later. We had the “Mirror Black” and “Midnight Black” and later the “Silk White”. Well, it seems that these will not be the only shades to be revealed.

The well-known Youtuber MKBHD has published a photo on twitter that gives us to understand that the next OnePlus 6 will be in the red tonality.


It would not be the first time OnePlus would do it. The brand launched the red tint for the 5T with the name of “Lava RED”. That being so, it is more than likely that you will do for this model.

Like Apple, I only regret that the red tint does not arrive at the performance. I understand that this is one of the ways that the brand convinces more users to buy their second OnePlus 6 in a matter of months, but it does not seem to me to be the “decent” move for brand lovers.

The truth is that they are a company and if this type of plays make you earn more money do not expect that to change. There are no dates yet for this OnePlus 6 in red, however, it should not take too long until it arrives officially.


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