OnePlus 6 gets new Android Pie beta version

OnePlus 6 continues to present itself as one of the most exciting Android smartphones this year. Especially since we started getting the Android Pie beta version a few weeks ago.

Now is the time to get the third version of this Android Pie experimental ROM available. With the update, there will also be some news, along with the expected bugs.

Among several improvements, in this race to reach the first stable version of Android Pie for its smartphones, the company highlights two of the most important improvements. With the new upgrade, both the fingerprint reader and facial recognition present considerable improvements.

A new feature has also been implemented, which can be very interesting for users who use virtual assistants very frequently. Once you upgrade your OnePlus 6, you’ll be able to activate Google Assitant even more conveniently. Now just hold the home button pressed for half a second.

OnePlus 6 continues to receive improvements in the walk for its final version of Android Pie

The application of the ‘Parallel Apps’ OP also received some news, now supporting some more applications. According to the update listing, users can now also use Telegram, Discord, IMO, Uber and OLA.

Finally, the OP Switch v2.1.0 will now go on to back up and retrieve information from any application. The backup can also include information about the main screen, lock screen and the entire organization of the screens.


Finally, it never hurts to remember, this device continues to present itself as one of the most interesting smartphones top of the range. 

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